What is STEM?

While originally designed to encourage students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths, STEM education has evolved into a unique approach to teaching and learning that fosters creativity and innovative thinking in all students.

How is STEM different from a traditional approach to education?

STEM education is a direct response to the realisation that our future will be built on its capacity for innovation, invention and creative problem solving. STEM education produces exactly the kind of thinkers, innovators and problem solvers our world demands. It is why industry and business are keen to support STEM education as it answers their call for skills development.

STEM in Norfolk

STEM in Norfolk is still very new. STEM is based at the Kinesis Centre at the Norwich City Football Club (previously known as, NCFC Study Centre). STEM will offer a wide range of services for schools, teachers, and the wider community to get involved with and improve students learning experiences and aspirations in life.

STEM Services

Gateway Qualifications Level 3 Certificate in Developing and Managing STEM in Primary Schools. Which is the first of its kind.

STEM is working closely with Gateway not only to develop the STEM Level 3 Qualification, but also to develop a number of CPD training courses based around the activities and projects STEM will be providing, such as, the Formula Goblins and Robotics Roadshow.

STEM has a number of different after-school clubs and holiday workshops. Current holiday and after-school workshops and clubs are: Formula Goblin, Robotics, Young Scientist, The Ultimate Engineering Challenge and So you think you’re a Scientist?

STEM is offering a number of different school days and visits to the Kinesis Centre based around STEM subjects. The types of activities which your school can book onto are a half day of STEM activities ranging from robotics and coding, solving mysteries using science, designing the fastest car, to engineering challenges or the science behind the best goalkeeper gloves. All can be arranged with an included tour of the football ground. STEM can also accommodate bespoke school visits, so if there is something in particular your school would like to focus on, we can plan a visit around it.


For further information on all things STEM please contact our STEM Co-ordinator Bernice Dixie on 01603 307715 or 218757. 



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